Sunday, 22 August 2010

the Blues enter the olympics

The Olympic Games on board the Africa Mercy were HobNob themed (as HobNobs are available while sailing to those people who are feeling seasick). Our first activity: HobNob bowling.
 Followed by a little bit of HobAVLIN action. Javelin with HobNob boxes. 
Later a little tower building with empty HobNob boxes. 
And a little bit of vuvuzela action while waiting.
Other games included working out how any packets of HobNobs were hidden around the shop, the McVities Toss ('the bag game' or throwing bean bags at a platform with a hole in for the uninitiated) and a HobNob quiz where correct answers gave you time to eat dry weetabix and try and win points. Lets just say we were terrible at the quiz which was quite a relief that we didn't have time to bother attempting the dry weetabix challenge. 
If you are in a need of filling a couple of hours in the middle of a neverending ocean adventure you will need a significant number of HobNob boxes and a few friends and then you can create your very own Olympics. If you want to keep the stress levels low don't have a three year old on your team when games involve them guiding you through a maze blindfolded and memorising the position of 25 numbers on a grid :-)
And lastly, as I am writing this rather than Tommy - just to say Claret and Blue forever, don't be fooled by the outfits, there is a reason why they were cheap.

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