Friday, 27 August 2010

South of the Southern most point

We sailed past the Cape of Good Hope so are now making progress, it seems very slow.

 This was our first sighting of land:
Later we sailed past Cape Agulhas - the most Southern point of Africa. That also means we are now sailing in the Indian Ocean for the first time. We took this picture around then:

We have seen some whales throughout the afternoon, both from our window and from deck 7, and some dolphins too although they were a little way out by the time we saw them. We failed to take any good pictures, in this one you can see the whale blowing in the top left and where it looks like there is a line across the sea near the top it is actually a line of dolphins but you might have to take my word for that! 

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Anonymous said...

just for a brief moment i felt envious,then i remembered you are on a rocking ship and my sanity returned!! (glad it's fun though)mumxx