Saturday, 21 August 2010

cooking and sailing

I have some advice.
Think carefully if you want to cook while sailing. We decided that what better to do on a Saturday morning in the middle of the ocean nearing Namibia than make some lunch with friends. Probably sitting out on deck getting some fresh air would have been better but then we would have missed the fun of watching Sam trying and work out which third of the quiche didn't have mushrooms.
So to the thoughts on cooking...
Things on surfaces move. Do you have enough hands to grab them or wet tea towels at the ready? The answer is almost always no by the way.
Saucepans on hobs have to be held at times. Usually the clue is when the saucepan starts to leave the hob and slide towards the edge that the moment has arrived to commence this holding action, given the alternative is being covered in hot stuff.
Quiche filling leaves the quiche every time the ship rocks and makes a big mess on the tray under it, maybe just avoid making quiche. It is a bad idea. So was boiling pasta on the hob. I think cheese scones might have been the answer to todays 'what shall we make for lunch?' question. Unfortunately I only just realised that now.

The weather is about to change and get worse, so my next advice would be once you can hear the pans banging around the crew galley as you near it, turn around and walk the other way and don't risk cooking anything. Although my dear boys have their heart set on making peanut butter cookies this week before the crew galley closes and Tom has asked Miriam to help him make a suprise something for next weekends birthday celebrations so lets hope its not too rocky! It might be our last chance to cook until next January - arrghh!

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