Saturday, 28 August 2010

carnival day

We played games. We played the egg and spoon race, we had FUN! We put coloured icing on cookies to decorate them and put chocolate chips and sprinkles on them. Then we ate them and they were very very very very good. I had a tattoo and it was a picture of 3 crosses.
by Tom Farrell.

One of the teachers and the school classes had come up with some ideas for carnival games so this morning the children all headed to mid-ships to have some fun. In addition to the games Tom mentioned there was the traditonal (?) pin the ball on the dolphins nose, shooting tin cans with nerf guns, throwing table tennis balls into cups, bean bags onto a score board and a basketball into a laundry basket, cup stacking, face painting, apple bobbing, craft corner, water relay and balloon stomping. It finished with the children taking turns smashing the pinata with a cricket bat, very amusing and slightly terrifying.

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Anonymous said...

dear Tom
it sounds like a really nice weekend!!glad you are having so much fun and i look forward to hearing more soon x
lots of love nanny xx

also glad no one lost their socks!!!