Friday, 27 March 2009

did they go to school in Bible times???

So today is another day where the academy is dressing up - this time with the theme of a past time period. Tough to do on a ship in Africa without dressing up shops, sewing machines etc you might think but they rose to the challenge (mostly), Mary has been busy in the Boutique this week dealing with requests for strange items of clothing. So who did Tom decide to go as....well we gave him the choice of anyone from Bible times, thinking that the typical nativity dress up is not too hard. And he chose Jesus. Good job he is the special helper at school today - although starting the day at 5.30am I'm not sure his behaviour will quite hit the mark all day long. Having sent Tom to school in flip flops and sighting the girls wearing high heels I now hope that none of them break anything playing on deck 7 later!


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