Friday, 6 March 2009

In port fire drill

Sometimes it's easy to forget that we live on a ship, we are pretty used to the slight motion whilst docked, now know that floors are decks, walls are bulkheads and places to live cabins.....anyway yesterday we had another reminder as we experienced our first in port fire drill where we muster on the dock. Fortunately by 3.30 it wasn't as hot as it sometimes gets outside and the children had finished school so we didn't have to worry about that. As with the on-ship drills our boys were very excited about the drill happening and enjoyed saying 'good afternoon crew, this is the Captain, this is a drill, this is a drill, this is a drill' or in Joshua's case 'this a dill, this a dill, this a dill'. When it actually came to it of course it wasn't that exciting as we only took one book out with us that neither of them wanted to read and Tom continually asked 'when can we go back on the ship?' We muster by surname so sadly didn't have Uncle Sam to amuse us either!


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