Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Family church

This week some of the families met on the ship for family church, it is very difficult to visit local churches with children as the services are typically 2-4 hours long, in French and without childrens activities. So we met together and talked about the story of Jesus washing his disciples feet. We talked together about how the roads were dusty and dirty, just like here in Africa and so their feet were probably very dirty, about how Jesus washed all their feet, including that of Judas who he knew would betray him and about how we also need to serve and care for people. With lots of bowls of water and towels we took turns washing each others feet. We then had brunch together and much cake was eaten by the boys!

As the patient visits start this week I hope our boys will be able to see past the skin colour, language barriers and disfigurements of some of our patients and be able to show love through playing with them just as they would their friends.


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