Friday, 6 March 2009


Nursery is now 3 mornings instead of 2 with a fourth session for Joshua and one of his friends if we want. Joshua loves nursery, he is happy being dropped off (after a rocky start! Thanks to our friends who have been praying about this), loves playing with his friends and is happy when he is collected. They now have a lovely lady Miss Comfort (you'd think she was called Miss Comfy if you hear Joshua say her name!!) there everyday with us parents all taking a turn once a week. This is really a blessing to us, having the children happy in nursery and also allowing us time for visiting and other activities in the hospital, do a bible study with other parents one morning and the odd hour off completely to be able to email, learn french and catch up on jobs. It is a lot of fun leading nursery too - there are just four children now as one of Joshua's friends has gone home for a few months but they get on well and Joshua is always excited to 'see friends, see friends'. We play, have snacks, sing and dance (although if you choose a song they don't know you may be the only person dancing I have discovered, so I may choose to stick to their favourites - the washing machine song and the silly dance contest in future!!), do crafts, play more, have a story and then play outside with ride on cars, tractors etc. Oh and the odd , or not so odd trip to the bathroom - I do wonder sometimes if they just like visiting the friendly ladies that are usually in the laundry room!


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