Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Missionaries of charity home

A team of us visited a childrens home today as part of the ships Mercy Ministries programme. This visit was to support the great work that is being done there. There was a lovely team of ladies looking after children waiting to be adopted, some who were sick, and some mothers and babies who were malnourished. We sung with the children - in French and Fon, played, had them sit on our laps a lot, carried them around and helped them eat lunch. The children here were well looked after compared to orphanages I have visited in Eastern Europe which was great to see. They did not have many toys - there are some the ship has donated, and some more that we took to use during our visit, it was interesting watching the children when we got the toys out - they didn't really know how to play as I would expect of children similar in age to Joshua. They just wanted to hold as many as possible, not share and had a strop if someone took something or if we asked them to share. I guess this is something all children find hard at this age, but how much more so when you are not used to having the type of toys our children take for granted available.

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