Monday, 9 March 2009

Je prendes des cours de francais

Just when I though that was a phrase that I would never use, I realised that I could put it on here!!

I started lessons here tonight with James, mon amis, one of our day workers. We learnt the alphabet tonight, and while this wasn't completely new to me as I managed about 8 lessons before I came here I did expand my limited French with these other useful phrases...

j'ai huit giraffes
nous avons deux fenetres

and (at the request of a nurse) he tried teaching us how to ask someone if you could put a tube down their nose, which I am really not sure would go down well at the market or swimming pool!!

So more usefully we can say hello, how are you, I am well, goodbye. Its a good start....until next week...or until Tommy tries intermediate French on revoir!!



Anonymous said...

tres bien!!!!
keep it up. Not sure about the 'essential' phrases tho'
Lynn x

Anonymous said...

p.s. having 8 giraffes might be a bit of a problem in your cabin especially with a fire engine as well :)
Lynn x