Sunday, 8 March 2009

Our cabin

I've taken a couple of photos of our cabin, so that those of you who have not seen it can get an idea of what you were praying for all those months can see that the boys room is off at one end and our room at the other end. We have a wet room with a sink, toilet and shower (which some of my family initially didn't even notice when they visited!). The main room has a sofa, table and chairs (that it is incredibly hard to fit extra people around, even though we try regularly!), plenty of storage.....and usually lots of toys around the floor....

It feels like home (apart from the empty cupboards which are a new concept for me - not to have things to fill them with!). The boys are enjoying having magnetic walls to stick things on and want their latest art work from school and nursery stuck up as soon as they walk through the door. Most importantly our cabin feels like home as it is often full of our friends popping in and out. Anyone welcome!!

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