Tuesday, 17 March 2009

different words and accents...

...this week Tom said he was going to put his rubbish in the 'trash', the boys look out for the 'garbage truck' coming to the dock and Tom asked us to 'scoot up' a bit yesterday. When Tom read one of his reading books to us he refused to believe us when we said the word was 'garage' as he has only heard this book read with an American accent. We had a (very scary looking) family portrait drawn by Tom and I was labelled Mommy. I did tell him how to spell Mummy for future reference! :-)

Joshua has learnt new words related to potty training from the other nursery kids (although still doesn't seem to actually want to try this himself!) and generally has a good go at saying everything and anything. He chatters away all the time, until anyone actually speaks to him, and then he fakes being a shy boy and hides behind my legs, peaking out grinning. His favourite words are 'why?', 'carry me, Mummy' and '999, fire'. We will be thrilled when he starts to say please without being reminded every single time! But he does now spontaneously tell us all that he loves us lots of times a day as well as saying 'Thank you God (for) Nanny, Grandad, Aunt(ie) Amy, Amen' every night, which makes us smile a lot.


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Unknown said...

Hi Mommy!! How funny!! What does scoot mean? Love Helen xx (I am using my friends computer so I may come up as Rachael).