Saturday, 21 March 2009

going shopping

We thought we would go and try and find the supermarket that some friends had already discovered. It was just like being in a corner shop at home, except the prices seemed to be 2-3 times what you might pay in England. Tom was very excited to see Coco Shreddies and Mini Weetabix with chocolate chips, but they were about 7 dollars for a small box!! Still we had promised the boys a bar of English chocolate so we found some milky way bars which they ate once we were out of the shop (before they melted in the heat!) and bought some sugar and butter for baking.

We drove around a lot, which is quite fun, but pretty nauseating in the heat with all the pollution here. We didn't find the other place we were heading for due to not actually knowing how to get there (whoops, sorry Amy and Miriam), but did manage to find some of the other hotels for swimming and had a brief stop off at the craft market on the way back. Next time we take the guide book and a map!

Tommy greatly enjoyed the experience of driving with the power off (and therefore no traffic lights!!!) and managed to keep us all alive for another day (don't worry mum(s) he is doing fine at the driving really and the landrovers are pretty tough - the poor moped drivers who don't wear helmets might not fare so well though so we hope not to have any accidents). As well as the traffic lights being out so was the petrol station, even after driving to it twice, so we couldn't pop to Nigeria today, oh well.

The last photo is the closest we have seen to a garden centre...


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