Saturday, 11 April 2009

Casa del Papa

Having spent two days on the ship, and with most of the ship folk away on Safari in Togo, Ghana or somewhere else it was lovely to head out for the day with some great friends - the Rolland family - yeh!! While it was a bit of a trek to get there along the crazy road past Ouidah, (well over an hours drive to the West of Cotonou) it was a lovely place to spend a day off.

There were nice pools, a clean beach the boys could actually play on and good italian style pizza! Our boys had a great time playing with the bigger kids - especially when they taught them how to 'bomb' into the water and splash Tommy. Joshua was already well practiced at jumping into the 6 feet deep water totally fearlessly (before anyone panics he wears a floatation jacket which helps him bob back up again - he is slightly prone to jumping when no one is watching at close proximity but he can swim with the jacket on to get where he wants to go!) - he loves dissapearing under the water, swimming back to the side and climbing out up the LADDER (this is quite an important part of the fun for a fireman crazy boy!) and then jumping in again. Tom is usually much more water cautious - but with his float was swimming all around the pool and jumping in the deep end (and even attempted one 'dive' which is tricky holding a float!) - we are very proud of him!!

We are all tired out - an early night before the dawn service tomorrow is calling!!!

On the beach at the Gate of No Return, Ouidah
Josh jumping in the pool (above) The boys playing in the sand!My attempt at a holiday brochure snap!!

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