Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday

We are thankful for what we remember on Good Friday and are even more thankful and excited to be able to celebrate Easter Sunday this weekend. We have made hot cross buns for the first time ever - since Tesco is no longer supplying them to our area ;-) Tom and Joshua have made some easter nests ready for eating on Sunday and for sharing with our friends as well as Easter cards
Hot cross buns - ok so they didn't look exactly like the picture on the receipe but they tasted fantastic!!
Tom and Joshua making Easter cards - before they started making silly faces at the camera!

Orange juice ice lollies on deck 7 - the last ones we'll be having for a while now we broke the lolly molds trying to get them out!! Whoops! Anyone got any spare ones??


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Anonymous said...

those are good looking hot cross buns! Yum! Lynn x