Saturday, 25 April 2009

Dessert challenge

After my post this morning this may lead you to think that we are all food mad here, but anyway today is the day of the Dessert Challenge. Contestents had been given a list of possible ingredients a week ago and then the compulsory secret ingredient revealed a few days ago. Lots of very tasty desserts were created, all of which included nuts as the main flavour. A panel of judges assessed each on presentation, taste and use of the secret ingredient. Then we all got to try them (bet you are now wishing you were here...), Joshua ate more than perhaps we should have let him finishing off the pumpkin, white chocolate and hazelnut cheesecake and had a good go at the coconut and almond cake that everyone else thought was yummy but too sweet to eat much of (no comments on who he takes after there!)! Well done to Grace and Amy for coming third, we thought their pumpkin cheesecake was the nicest.

Sarah and Joshua - happy to try any desserts and make yummy noises anytime, just give us a knock, cabin 6211.

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