Sunday, 12 April 2009


Easter has been a lot of fun on the ship....Joshua has been saying 'happy eater' to people and that would describe how he feels today. The boys found baskets full of yummy things outside our door from the Academy and so after starting the day with the last of our hot cross buns at the sunrise service they continued by eating some chocolate from the basket (this was exciting at 7.30am!). They enjoyed opening some presents (thanks Rowena!!) before we went to an Easter brunch - an amazing selection of sweet and savory food all laid out with the dining room decorated and no plastic cups to be seen!!! The plates were decorated with a piece of paper that you unfolded to make a cross leading Joshua to announce 'IT'S A CROSS' really loudly while someone was saying grace. Warm cinnamon rolls might have to be a part of our easter traditions every year now!

Next - to take some chocolate nests that the boys made to their friends to say happy easter before trying some ourselves!!

Happy Easter, and happy eater to those of you who are enjoying a nice British easter egg or two! We would be missing them if we weren't so full of cinnamon rolls and handmade white chocolate truffles :-)

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