Sunday, 12 April 2009

Driving in Benin

Here's some footage of how crazy it is driving here. This is us leaving the outskirts of Cotonou yesterday on the way to Casa del Papa, a trip of 50km that took almost two hours on the return leg!

(Don't view this if you are on the ship - streaming video alert!!! If you really want to see it just walk to the end of the dock and watch the traffic go by... or go to Hotel du Lac and use their internet connection)



Anonymous said...

i reckon just get a couple of those bikes is the answer and pop the boys on the back and tell them to hold on tight? mumx

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh - I don't like that much at all!!! The one thing I did love was hearing Tommys laugh on the video. Miss you guys so much. Happy Easter. Love Helen xxx

thefarrells said...

We saw an accident both ways with one of these bikes - not tempting!! You see whole families on a single bike - the most we saw was 2 adults with 2 kids and a baby strapped to the mums back as well. scary stuff. glad we have a choice not to do that with our boys.