Thursday, 2 April 2009

fan ice and fruit shopping...

Sam and I ventured to the market to buy some fruit. We could barely squeeze through the narrow passageways, through the people trying to get you to buy everything and anything that they were selling and were followed by the odd person who thought we really wanted to buy a phonecard despite telling him no thanks. Anyway we had a lot of fun, and learnt an important lesson - you need to take cash in small change to pay for things. No one seemed to be able to change a 2000 cfa (about £3) note for the poor lady who we were trying to pay just over 1000cfa for our 2 pineapples and 3 mangoes, so we added in 9 miniscule bananas (which she just wandered over and removed from a different stall!!) and she was happy that she had enough change to give us. Sam gave me the full tour of the market which included live chickens and skinny little kittens and a rather off putting section of meat - where some goats heads sat looking at us and where men sat waving something over the meat to keep the flies off. I was glad that I had been introduced to chocolate flavour fan ice (a kind of frozen yoghurt thing from what people tell me) before the market as I might not have fancied it so much after, but then again it is so hot here I could possibly eat them all day long.

Photo above of the fruit we bought - one of these days I might brave taking my camera with me as it is quite a sight the way that all the women arrange the fruit in little towers!!


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