Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Tom's countdown

Tom has realised that it is May this week, and after May is June and therefore his birthday must be 'soon'. He has worked out it is 5 weeks and 1 day until his big day using the calender. He is now giving thought to who he is going to invite to the party that I have not yet agreed to, so far he has decided that Uncle Sam was naughty at Kids Kingdom back in December and so he won't be inviting him.



Unknown said...

HI Sarah - funny you should talk about Toms birthday. I have got a parcel to send him - not sure if it will get there on time even? It is in a jiffy bag - a couple of books (paperbacks) and few other bits. Will it cost you a lot to recieve something like that or can I post it? I posted you a DVD other day - have you got that?

Sorry bout facebook earlier. Tim went off with computer and it was so slow on this one I gave up

Wanted to check with you that you did manage to get in touch with the nurse from here - Jo Scoones - re the immunisations. Did the email work in the end?

Speak soon - miss you all

Love Helen xx

Anonymous said...

oh that is toooo funny!!!
Lynn x