Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Science and arts fair

Can you see the resemblance?
Tommy sticking up pictures, our boys playing with their high school friends
Toms class - i'm sure you would recognise them in the street after seeing these masterpieces!
Tom with two noses and mouths as he didn't quite understand that the nose and lips prints were the nose and mouth and so drew them on too - at least he now realises that his name is Tom Farrell rather than Tom zoom which he used to write on all his pictures from his old school!!!

This evening was a chance for the ship to come and see the Academys art work and some inventions. If you wondered how to turn off the light without getting out of your bunk bed, how to remove flies from the ship, think pancakes should come in pretty colours or need a burglar alarm to stop your siblings entering your room then you could have come and found the solution to your problem has in fact been invented by one of the students. Tom's class displayed their portraits featuring their senses - with hand, nose, mouth and ear printing! (We are secretly pleased to hear that Tom was quite reluctant to wear lipstick to do the mouth bit of the picture ;-)) We heard some poetry and musical pieces and ate cake to raise money to expand the Academy library. If you think maths teachers get out of doing anything for arty events think again - Tommy's students featured in photos Tommy had taken of them while on work experience and had done some 2 point perspective drawings which were impressive.


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