Friday, 3 April 2009


So what do you do when it is hot (ok so that is all the time), when the boys are in need of a treat and a change of scenery???

Head to the cafe and order a frappuccino - without the coffee, but adding white chocolate and strawberry flavouring. Its the closest thing we've found to milkshake, although contains more crushed ice, only costs 50cents and is big enough for the boys to share (and a bit spare for me to try :-) ). So we'll return every now and then and try some different flavours - in the name of research obviously!



Anonymous said...

beautiful pics!
maybe you should splash out on a latte!!!
lynn x

Unknown said...

I really enjoy reading your blog :) thanks too for the nice newsy update via email. Thinking of you often.

Unknown said...

Hi - love the photos!! Josh is growing up so much!! Can't believe you have a coffee shop on the ship = and we don't have one in the whole of Histon!! Am going to try and ring you tomorrow - today just disappeared. Love Helen xxxx