Monday, 27 April 2009

Hard core aerobics

AKA the air conditioning is off

AKA complete stupidity (after all I have been simmering slowly in my cabin all day, and then got sleepy during French class as it was so hot so you would think that I might have thought the aerobics plan through beforehand but no I am not that bright)

AKA I have never been so sweaty in my whole life, but that might be more than I should put on the blog (and the question is do I admit to Tommy that I borrowed his shorts or just hope there is a washing slot early tomorrow before he might plan on doing any running?)

In my defence I would like to point out there was about 30 other people crazy enough to attempt aerobics in AFRICA with no A/C.


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Unknown said...

so it wasn't exactly like Eden Baptist Church then? Sounds wonderful and very challenging to us reserved bods