Friday, 20 February 2009

2nd screening day

Thanks to a friend offering to look after Joshua I was able to go to the second day of screening. Today was for those people that came to the day yesterday but there was no time to see them. The hall was set up so that prospective patients had their history taken and were seen by the surgeons to determine suitability for surgery, with the help of biopsies at times. They had pre op checks done by another team - checking their blood pressure, lung sounds and other routine things, some then had blood taken for tests by the lab team. They went to book their operation date with the Operating Room team, then were given iron and vitamins by the pharmacists and had pre-op photos taken. I was able to watch a lot of what was happening, whilst helping a little with the children's activities. It must have taken people a long time to be seen by each team with the help of translators, but the day seemed very calm and the children pretty well behaved (except for regularly making puddles on the floor it seemed).

They were entertained with beachballs, balloons, drawing, bubbles, stories and singing. I had a lovely long cuddle from a baby who cried if we stopped singing so we sang on and off until he finally went to sleep. He didn't seem to mind that the only kids songs I knew were in English and when I couldn't think of any more nursery rhymes I threw in a Christmas song or two. I seemed to have done well to be given a little one wearing a nappy of some kind too, some others were not so lucky and ended up with puddles on them too!

So I'll leave you with a song I learnt today....

Dieu est si bon
Dieu est si bon
Dieu est si bon
Il est bon pour moi

The kids found energy to dance and have fun singing despite the heat.


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