Tuesday, 24 February 2009

People watching

One thing about living here is that wherever you go there are always people doing things. We watch the day workers cleaning the landrovers from our windows, we watch people mingling in Midships, we watch fishermen sailing in and out of the harbour.... This morning Joshua, Natalie and I watched the deck team lowering and positioning the patient gangway. Cranes and people wearing hard hats are always fun to watch if you are two years old. It is easier for patients to enter this way straight to deck 3, rather than walk up the main gangway to deck 5 and then back down.

Surgery has started today (although we have no plans to watch that anytime soon!). Yeh!



Unknown said...

Helen would love it!

Tom, Esther, Heidi, Hope, Phinehas, Hosea and John Hindle said...

Hey there. Am really enjoying your blog, although always feel guilty that we never did make that phone call. Will be praying for you, and the ships work.