Sunday, 22 February 2009

Two firsts...

I drove in Africa for the first time today. We used one of the ships Land Rovers to visit one of the hotels in Cotonou. For 2500 CFA each we had full use of their pool for the morning. It is just the other side of the river in Cotonou, only about 3km away from the ship, so it was a perfect first outing. I spent the whole time reminding myself to drive on the right while trying to avoid one of the 80,000 mopeds that are on the roads of Cotonou. We got there and back safely with not too much trouble.

view across the river from the pool

While at the pool I also got sunburned in Africa for the first time. I was planning on wearing a T-shirt to stay covered up in the pool but they didn't like me having a cotton t-shirt on so I had to take it off. I forgot to put suncream on my back and shoulders and they are now in danger of competing with the lighthouse further up the coast!

Tom and Josh in the pool


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