Saturday, 7 February 2009

We're making progress!

We are in the waters of the Ivory Coast now. We should be arriving in Benin on Monday at 2pm, following which school will finish for the day and an arrival ceremony will take place. We have been learning about Benin during some crew training this week and will be excited to arrive and for the outreach to start.

We are now on Benin time (GMT + 1) as of yesterday. Sailing is still smooth. We have had some rain, although it is still very warm so not much like home! The boys enjoyed jumping around in the puddles on deck yesterday and being soaked to the skin. They miss having a bath to get clean in but enjoy playing in the shower, Joshua is happy playing/ pretending to clean the walls for ages after we turn the water off (we are restricted to 2 minute showers due to the limited water supply).


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