Sunday, 8 February 2009

Nearly there!

We crossed the Greenwich Meridian at lunch time and are sailing through the waters of Ghana. Today we enjoyed a visit to the Bridge and met some friendly officers who showed us around. The boys enjoyed the chance to 'drive' the ship and Tom was brave enough to put his foot on the glass panel in the floor.

We have since tried baking a cake in the crew galley (which is conveniently near our cabin) and then eaten some of it with some of our friends. Despite all the planning on what to bring we failed to bring any receipes or receipe books so suggestions of your favourite tried and tested receipes will be welcomed!! (and emails about anything else too!!) We have all the basic things plus can get some things like nuts, basic dried fruit, marshmallows, peanut butter from the ship shop.

The ship is beginning to feel much smaller now and we will be pleased to arrive for a change of scenery and to be able to stretch our legs more than is possible on board! Its been too hot today for the boys to be able to play out on the top deck.


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Unknown said...

Good for Tom!!! you would not have got me near that glass, NO WAY!!!