Monday, 2 February 2009

Sailing: the next day

We have been blessed with beautiful blue skies and calm seas today. It is very relaxing being in the middle of the ocean. It is lovely and warm and we are not missing the snow back home, Tom saw a picture of someones snowman today and was convinced Nanny had built it for him to look at - he was happy about that, even though I tried to explain who actually built the snowman.

We have not experienced any sea sickness (which I am so grateful for, still remembering experiences of sailing in the past which were less fun!!) and life carries on as normal; school, nursery, meeting friends, eating... although sleeping whilst moving is more interesting! Last night we slept in our lounge and put the mattress the other way round so that we didn't feel so much like we were about to roll out of bed at any minute, although Joshua still managed to fall out (despite a bed guard now in place on his bed!)

As anyone who knows Tom can imagine he has been looking at google earth to see where we are going. We will pass Dakar tonight if you want a rough idea of how we are doing.


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