Friday, 13 February 2009

One month on...

We arrived a month ago today. That makes it sound like a long time. Today the school had a valentines day celebration and much fun was had swopping cards and eating heart shaped biscuits!

We started our weekend this afternoon with our first brief exploring of Cotonou. So far everyone has been busy working and not had too many opportunities to get off the ship. We have been watching the fishing boats come in and out, the motorbikes driving up and down the dock, and the people sorting through the rubbish bins and have been looking forward to seeing more of Benin than the glimpses from our windows or from up on deck. Today we managed 27 minutes in the heat! We quickly acquired a new friend, initially we weren't quite sure whether he was wanting to be our guide or what, but it seemed he wanted a job on the ship- not sure that he was talking to the right people! It will be good to explore more at the weekend, hopefully once we have a rough idea of where we should head for!


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