Tuesday, 24 February 2009

bunk beds

They are still a novelty for our boys six weeks on! Whenever anyone new visits our cabin Tom invites them to squeeze into their bedroom as he wants to show them his bunk bed. The boys bedroom is off the living area, when they go to bed they spy on us through the gap where the door is open. Joshua is still attached to his sleeping bag but wanted his Bob the builder duvet cover too, so we have had to put it on the bed without the duvet in as we have found him with both once or twice and getting very hot. All the walls in the cabin are magnetic so the boys are getting magnets for good behaviour to stick by their beds (until we run out at least...) Joshua is not supposed to go up to the top bunk, but the temptation of going up a ladder like Fireman Sam is pretty great and gives it a try whenever we are not looking. Here's a picture so you can begin to imagine where we live...more pics of the rest of the cabin to follow...


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Unknown said...

Love the pictures of the bunk beds!! Can imagine the two of them in there!! You will have to send a picture with them asleep next Love Helen xxx