Wednesday, 4 February 2009

it's getting hotter!

We are really noticing that we are moving south, it is getting much warmer when we play on deck now, so much that the boys were getting sweaty and requesting to go back to the cabin for a drink. The air conditioning is now turned on - it was quite a suprise last night when it suddenly went cold in our cabin after we had put the boys to bed in their (under)pants only!

Dinner out on deck wasn't quite as successful as the nice relaxing time we had yesterday because of a fly which FREAKED Tom out (as he is still traumatised from being stung by a bee!). So the major success we can report for today was making sure Sam knew how to use the washing machines!! (to be fair we didn't really have to do anything but I'm sure Mum will be happy thinking we are looking after him :-)

The boys got to open their 'sailing presents' from family today and have had a lovely time doing puzzles - very useful for passing the time - thanks! They have also had fun pretending to go to sleep on their bedroom floor and sitting in the toy box.

Sarah (who will appreciate any prayers that Joshua will settle in nursery the sessions I am not there leading/helping so I can get some jobs done!!)

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