Wednesday, 25 February 2009

pancake day

We got to cook and eat pancakes here in Africa with the other Brits on the ship last night. It was very hot in the crew galley to say the least with that many frying pans on the go and that many people all squashed in together. We enjoyed meeting up with a bunch of Brits later on deck 8 and realised we miss the British sense of humour on a regular basis. Having said that we really enjoy living with people from lots of nationalities and there is not that much from home that we miss, apart from our family, friends and dairy milk chocolate....oh and yoghurts and moments of silence and babies and playgrounds and a few other things :-)

So... the next excuse for getting the Brits together...St Georges day...only trouble is no one was quite sure when that was so we will have to find out...

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Anonymous said...

looks a bit more fun than our quiet pancakes for two at home!!mumx