Thursday, 19 February 2009

Screening Day - brief note

Just a quick note to say that the screening day was a great success today. Thank you to all of you who prayed.

We had almost 4000 people (including relatives) through the screening today - with almost 2000 people presenting for treatment. Tomorrow the last few hundred people will go through the final stages of the screening and get their appointment cards.

I was with the older students from the Academy (aged 11+) who helped to occupy the children (both relatives and patients) at the screening. They were fantastic, with lots of energy and enthusiasm, and a very mature approach to interacting with children from a different culture - some with severe deformities.

I will post some pictures, hopefully at the weekend (Personal cameras are not allowed at acreening to protect the dignity of patients so I will need to wait to get some from our communications team). Until then please pray for the final hours of screening tomorrow. Also remember in your prayers those who came today who we could not help - pray that they heard a message of hope that transcends their illness.


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