Thursday, 5 February 2009

fire drills and haircuts

Today we had another fire/lifeboat drill. We were in our cabin when the initial alarm sounded, followed by a notice that it was a drill and that the 'fire' was in the mid-ships lounge and coffee area. Tom looked petrified and had his fingers over his ears, saying Mummy there is a fire but its ok its only a practice, but there is a real fire in the coffee shop. Joshua was saying 'fire, fire, fire' , although looked a little more excited about the idea, maybe in the hope that they would call on the services of Firefighter Joshua Farrell. Once we got to our muster station they were both very good and put their lifejackets on without any problems and Tom told the muster station leaders that he was 'here' loud enough for them to hear this time.

Since then we have played on the climbing frame on deck 8, Joshua was fairly intent on practicing for his future role as a firefighter and repeatedly went down the fireman pole. The only trouble was the only way to reach it is across some monkey bars which he attempted with complete confidence (but not quite long enough arms to make it across unassisted) when I was not looking, so when I noticed him he was hanging in mid air waiting patiently for some help. I paid more attention after that!

Tommy and Joshua have been to the hairdresser so they are now ready for Africa, with significantly less hair! The hairdresser had started Joshua's hair a couple of days ago but had to abandon it because he wouldn't sit still, anyway, since discovering the sweets she had in the pot we found that bribery worked and his hair was finished.

Today sailing is smooth, the water is so flat right now that it almost looks glassy. It is warm but has been foggy and a bit more grey today. Tommy saw a whale swim past his classroom yesterday but we haven't seen any marine life yet today.



Unknown said...

what kind of haircut? a crew cut? :P
loving the snow here: woke up to 5cm this morning and gathered children at the park to pummel them with snowballs! I won, 10 5 year olds and a load of mums lost!

Anonymous said...

THe monkey bars made me laugh, I can just picture him hanging there! Sounds like ti's warming up - nothing of the sort here!! And took me 2 hours to get to work through the snow - hurumph. Hope yo'ure all doing well, Jx